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“When I first met Vickie, I was struggling with the big question ‘What is next in my life?’ I was going through a divorce, recently became an empty nester and was temporarily working at a fun but low paying part-time job. I considered myself to be fortunate that many opportunities seemed opened to me. However, after spending so many years focusing on raising children, deciding what I was best situated to focus on seemed overwhelming.  

My series of meetings with Vickie together with many structured processes she uses helped me identify my skills, values and areas of interests. Once that was well underway, Vickie helped me build a plan to make this happen. Actually, I made two plans. I feel confident that I made an excellent choice, I appreciate the resources she provided me with to execute my plan and it is comforting that her continued guidance and wisdom is only a phone call away.”

Katie K.


“Thank you again for your help in making sense of choices and preferences during a period of change and flux.  I feel very well served, and I will be recommending you to others!”

Reed M.


“Vickie was instrumental in helping with my interview skills. Vickie helped me identify the points in myself and career to make during interviews; words to say and those to avoid. Also, she helped with the tough questions that many times we all stumble with. I would recommend Vickie to those seeking a career change.”

Mike G.


“I was referred to Career Edge One by a friend of mine after sharing with her my desire to change my career path, but not knowing how to start such a process. Finding CEO was just what I needed! The service Vickie provided to the process of changing the direction of my career was invaluable. She offered an insightful, supportive, and unbiased approach while utilizing her methods of analysis and discovery to help guide me in the right direction.”

Ruth R


“My original idea of utilizing the services of a career coach in this difficult economy proved to be a good one when I began to see Vickie. Very professional and pleasant personality, she seems to possess a natural ability to provide coaching assistance. She takes a very positive, logical, and assertive approach to clients’ unique issues and has several “tools” to assist in identifying their strengths and talents. Unlike a typical job recruiter who is more interested in filling a specific job position, her motivation is 100% ‘what’s the best advice and direction for my client’. I highly recommend her. “
Ron D


Thank you so much for presenting Success: Discover 9 Key Attitudes of Successful Leadership. We appreciated your enthusiastic presentation and received very positive feedback from all our participants. Your leadership strategies were applicable to all of our participants, no matter their type of business or worksite.”

Nebraska Methodist College


019“Vickie offers wonderful insight and encouragement to penetrating questions that get to the heart of the issue. And if there is more than one issue at hand, she has the tools and experience to help define what a person deems truly important and meaningful. I should know. When I first visited Vickie, I brought with me four different resumes related to four varied career directions. After four coaching sessions with her, my career direction resonated with my heart and my resume reflected my passion and experience. When you come to that fork or intersection on the road of life and you need to choose which way or how to proceed, I highly recommend you choose Vickie to guide and coach you on your way!”

Greg K



“Vickie Seitner shared her insight to the understanding the body’s connections to each person’s goals and purpose. She gave excellent examples and did not hesitate with clarifications. Her time spent with our team provided each person with new tools for self improvement in their personal and professional lives.”

Wright Printing



“CEO’s presentation reminded me of what my true goals were, in my personal life and my professional life. Vickie made me realize what my real priorities were, and now I know exactly what I need to do to make those goals a reality.”

Cindy C





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