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Share Your OS Moment

Your OS Moment

quit-jobWe all have them. Those “Oh Shit!” Moments that we think we’ll never survive. But, what choice do we have?


More than survive, Career Edge One will show you how to thrive! So, share your OS Moment and help others realize that they are not alone. It can be anything from a minor mishap to a major catastrophe. Whether you’re an individual challenged by the loss of a job or a company suffering from growing pains, your story will help inspire others and by the simple telling of it, help you as well.


With your permission, Career Edge One will share your OS Moment with others visiting this site. The company promises to keep your name confidential. For credibility, your OS Moment will be identified by your first name and last initial only.


Thank you and we hope you take some inspiration from the OS Moments others have shared.