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Learning to Balance

Balance2It’s all about balance. As you make your way, day-to-day, you must learn to balance your ego, job results and your relationships. Working with Career Edge One will help. In addition, these tips should put you on solid footing:


Keep Your Ego in Check

  • Constantly find ways to give credit where it’s due
  • Take risks even if you might look foolish
  • Look for opportunities to develop others who can take over your role so that you can move on to other challenges
  • Continually think about how you can be of service to others and help them succeed

Don’t Overemphasize Results

  • Be sure that after a project ends, the people who were on your team want to maintain a relationship with you
  • When you work with other people on projects, try your best to help them succeed, both personally and professionally
  • When people make mistakes, use it as an opportunity for everybody to learn without pointing fingers

Keep Relationships in Proper Perspective

  • When a situation gets tense, assert your needs appropriately and do not avoid conflict to protect your relationships
  • Be comfortable when people express differences during meetings, even if it leads to conflict
  • Don’t try to mediate and bring harmony to avoid productive discussions
  • Think about how to strengthen relationships with key people, while still getting results



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