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Staying True

Embrace-Paradox-300x221We all have some problem dealing with ambiguity. It’s simply human nature to prefer clarity. It’s reassuring and familiar. Clarity doesn’t challenge our perceptions. It doesn’t make us stretch.


In staying true to your career path, Career Edge One teaches you how to “embrace the gray”. To embrace the gray AND stay true to your path, you need to take charge of your career and accept responsibility. Undeniably, you cannot foresee every outcome. You will never be able to anticipate every consequence. Problems will arise that, at the moment, will seem insurmountable. During those times, Career Edge One recommends that, for prospective, you consider the following quote from that wise seafarer and free spirit, Captain Jack Sparrow: The problem is not the problem. It’s your attitude about the problem that’s the problem.


To claim your career and become its master, these are the steps Career Edge One helps you follow:


  • List and continually update key areas of knowledge, contacts, achievements, functional expertise, experiences, and skills
  • For the areas identified, what can you do in the next few months to become better?
  • What situations might arise to cause you to give up your path to mastery? How will you keep going?
  • Formally declare your area of mastery


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