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Opting Out

Opt outThe term “opt-out” usually refers to several methods by which you can avoid receiving unsolicited emails. The way it’s used here, it refers to the decisions you make to end or reduce your active participation in the workforce.


These decisions can be made for a variety of reasons. For example, according to a Pew Research Center analysis of census data, about one-in-ten mothers with a Master’s degree or more are staying at home in order to care for their family. For others, family may not be the compelling motivator. According to a BMO Private Bank study, the majority of affluent Americans plan to “opt-out” before 60 to pursue their true passion.


Career Edge One helps you discover your true passion through a series of interviews and psychometric assessments. Once you’ve defined your passion, the company helps you chart your path whether that includes a new career, succession planning, part-time employment, volunteer work or raising your family.



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