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Demoted or Moved Laterally

demotedI told them when I took the VP Marketing & Sales job that marketing was not my strong suit.

Roberta B.


Compared to being demoted, being fired is almost a blessing. At least when fired, you’ll probably receive a severance, may be eligible for unemployment and, best case, don’t have to endure the presence of your co-workers or bosses.  But when you’re demoted, you’re required to show up and bear this perceived workplace humiliation every working day.


As you’re reconciling yourself to your new position, just remember hardly anyone has a constant upward career trajectory. There are lateral transfers and downward moves. All are opportunities to add to your skill set and experience. And, just as importantly, a demotion may be the impetus you need to contact Career Edge One.


At Career Edge One, your personal aspirations, business goals and skills set are synchronized. As a result, you are better prepared to get what you want from your current position, secure a new one or pursue an entirely different career.


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