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Dissatisfied with Job or Career


I thought this was supposed to be a promotion but I’m still making copies and taking lunch orders!

Krystal D.


If you have lost the enthusiasm for your job or career, you are not alone. Many employees find that the job they once enjoyed has now become drudgery.  If this is not simply a temporary situation due, for example, to a change of bosses, a new assignment or a promotion that didn’t materialize, job dissatisfaction can create some serious problems and could evolve into career burnout.


Forbes magazine lists these ten signs you may be suffering from something more than temporary job dissatisfaction:


  1.   Exhaustion: you feel tired all the time
  2.   Lack of Motivation: you’ve lost that internal drive to get things done at work
  3.   Frustration, Cynicism and Other Negative Emotions: you’re generally more pessimistic than you once were
  4.   Cognitive Problems: your ability to pay attention or concentrate has slipped
  5.   Slipping Job Performance: your job performance is simply not what it was last year or last quarter
  6.   Interpersonal Problems at Home or Work: lately, conflict seems to be your middle name
  7.   Not Taking Care of Yourself: you’re beginning to engage in unhealthy coping strategies e.g., drinking, smoking or eating too much
  8.   Being Preoccupied with Work . . . When You’re Not at Work: you’re spending far too much of your “free” time thinking about problems at work
  9.   Decreased Job Satisfaction: you feel less satisfied with your career and your home life
  10.   Health Problems: over an extended period, burnout can create health problems like digestive issues, heart disease, depression and obesity


Before your disillusionment turns into unhealthy career burnout, talk to Career Edge One. They’ll get to the root of the problem and help you rekindle that “fire in your belly” so that you can continue to overcome those temporary setbacks in the pursuit of your dream career.


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